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We work closely with clients to make sure they know their cases matter. We strive to provide responsive client service and fresh thinking, with the focus on keeping our clients' needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our goal is to treat our clients in the same way we would want for our own family or friends in difficult circumstances. We believe in taking every case as seriously as our clients do and making sure to help them understand every step of their legal process.

Cathy is a seasoned trial lawyer with an extensive and very successful trial record. She's handled extremely serious and complex cases, bringing over twenty years of courtroom experience to the counsel table. Cathy practices in the state and federal courts in Texas. She practices primarily in the District Courts of Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe counties. Cathy is licensed to practice in various federal courts in Texas and California. She has also previously served as a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel for the Federal Western District Court in San Antonio.


She has a reputation as a formidable but well-respected opponent in the courtroom, always prepared and knowledgeable regarding the law. As a former Assistant District Attorney and chief of the Family Justice Division in Hays County, Texas, she brings a wealth of perspective and experience to her work as a criminal defense attorney. Cathy is known as an honest and hardworking attorney who has always had a great respect for the law and the trial system. She holds herself and others to high standards because she believes that is what this profession requires.


Cathy also prides herself on being a fierce advocate for her clients. She understands that when she takes on a case, it's not just about the client's case. It's about the client's family, home, and job security. What happens in a criminal case can have a profound ripple effect on the client and those around him or her. This is why Cathy works as hard as she does, because she knows that the outcome of a single case can be life-changing.


A graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Cathy was first licensed in California and later returned to Texas to be closer to family. She is Board Certified in Criminal Law. She is also a Spanish speaker with a proficiency in both speaking and writing on a professional level. 


We believe that Cathy offers a great combination of skills to clients who find themselves in legal trouble. She's tough, she's compassionate, and she has the experience to confidently assist clients when the rest of their lives are at stake.


Somos muy orgullosos de ofrecer nuestros servicios y de ayudar a nuestros clientes en español. Todos merecen justicia en su idioma.

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